Our Site

Faire Play’s site is located five miles west of Montrose, Pennsylvania on SR 3029. We are 3/4 mile from Rte. 706.

We have over 43 acres of rolling hills, grassy fields, wooded areas with paths, a picturesque creek, and a small pond.

The large barn on the site has been our primary reconstruction concern, but we have also added a number of cabins, each of which can sleep 6 – 8. Bunk beds with mattresses are in each cabin.

In the barn is a large kitchen with a stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, and lots of storage spage. From the kitchen you can access the large medieval tavern with its appropriate decor. A deck leads to wooden stairs running down to the field, with another separate entrance half way along to the basement of the barn.

From the tavern are a number of smaller rooms with beds which can hold up to twenty five people comfortably.

The other half of the barn consists of the staff area. This is not decorated but can be used for sleeping space as well. A back stairway leads out. For LARPing groups, there are mirrors and tables for make-up application.

Downstairs in the barn is a large open area which has stage flats and tarps, which can be used to arrange a number of rooms (or a maze).  There is also a large room which is painted to look like medieval stone work.

Also in the basement are two new, clean showers that are quite large and private. The water heater is brand new and big enough to accommodate large groups. Two sinks and an expansive mirror dominate one wall.

Paths through the woods have been cleared away to provide access to the creek and areas beyond, and there are literally many acres to explore off the beaten paths as well. In fact, the site is so huge we have barely covered 10% of it.

Every month there are new additions, so be sure to check back and see what we have added.

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Click on the map below to get directions and to zoom in and see the site from above. If you type “Faire Play” into your GPS, it should show up.

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